Strategic Thinkers and Innovative Fire Engineers

Strategic Fire Consulting is a partnership of two highly qualified fire engineers, Julie Gibson and Darren Wong, both of whom have extensive experience in the fire safety industry within Australia and overseas.

Trusted by well-renowned architects, developers, project managers and builders in WA and beyond, Strategic Fire Consulting offers you the opportunity to deal directly with two of Western Australia’s best fire engineers whose credentials include work on large scale, high profile projects.

Performance Solutions

Using our experience to provide a compliant solution that is more innovative, cost-effective, or more practical to construct.
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Fire Audits & Inspections

Conducting detailed reviews of a building’s fire safety and protection systems, in line with current usage, and the original design
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Fire & Smoke Modelling

We use leading edge technology to simulate the way fire and smoke will behave in your building, in a range of fire event scenarios.
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Human Movement Modelling

Using computer modelling to ensure that occupants can exit a building safely in the event of a fire.
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Fire Risk Assessment

Conducting fire risk assessments to identify the fire hazards in your building and providing methods to control these risks.
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